New Beginnings

Hello there.

If you reading this then it’s too late. Just Kidding 😛

You’re about to learn about me and I think you and me are going to be good friends.

Pop culture reference aside, I just wanted to say hi :).

There is something weird and exciting about starting something new. You feel all the nervous vibes that come off from the pit of your stomach. Writing this right now is sending so many chills across my arm because I have finally started something that I have wanted to do.

It’s also exciting because I am finally implementing one of my goals that I had set for myself.  I have always had a secret passion for writing ever since I was a child. There was something about an exciting and interest story that just made my imagination go crazy.

I would always have my own mini movies playing in my head and just enjoying seeing how my creative mind would flow. I was a ver shy child that did not like express my opinion and thoughts such because I was afraid if rejection.

It took me a few years, some soul searching and meeting people that inspire your creative to finally decide to find my own creative platform.

Plus I love to talk about the things that I have a super interest in. Example: Anime ( I could go on for days about it.) I tell you about my favs in another post.

Truth be told I am a bit of an otaku or otome. I’m still trying to find the proper term but yeah I’m obsessed.

Next post, I tell you about all the different things that I love.

I know I have fantastic wonderful stories to tell and I hope that you guys are ready for a ride. I hope that I can connect to like-minded people and express myself with you.

With love

An island girl called Sunkissed Jules

Image Credit: pinkbunnii


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